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How food shapes our cities and Charter Cities

Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities: fascinating insight in to how food logistics from pre-industrialised cities continues to leave its stamp and, despite global supply chains, are stamped on … Continue reading

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How to protect fast-growing cities from failing

Some insightful points made about the rapid urbanisation of our planet in this great Ted Talk by┬áRobert Muggah. In his talk “How to protect fast-growing cities from failing” he explains … Continue reading

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Realtime, High Res, Open Data of a Changing Planet

This was another of those truly inspirational Ted talks that makes you realise that not everyone is out there to screw the world over. Fantastic stuff from Will Marshall and … Continue reading

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The Mancunian Way or the Highway…

Originally posted on underonesky:
Call me a cynic, but I fully expected the slow ramping up of the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ rhetoric to wither and die once the latest election cycle…

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The Urban Village: Sustainable Community Design for Urban Regeneration

Originally posted on The Urban Villager:
The way we are living in the West, particularly in the United States, promotes maximum amount of fossil fuel consumption, ecological ruin, social disconnectedness,…

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[Are] Higher student fees [really] influencing university emissions cuts? published a thought provoking piece “Higher student fees influencing university emissions cuts” in which the assertion that increased tuition fees and competition among UK universities have created a generation … Continue reading

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Birmingham’s Urban Future to be debated at AoU Congress in June

Originally posted on Green Urbanist:
I am looking forward to attending the Academy of Urbanism’s 10th Congress in Birmingham on the 4/5/6 June. As an academician of the Academy, I…

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