Only open data can save smart cities says Open Data Institute

This is a reblog of a great piece written by the Open Data Institute illustrating how open data is key to the development and evolution of smart cities.

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. Smart city technologies produce huge volumes of data on every subject from the running of the trains to the quality of the air. Collecting and releasing this data provides certain key benefits to a city: it allows more people build solutions to everyday problems, have more informed conversations about the future and save the city time and money.

  1. Building solutions to everyday problems. When you empower city residents in solve civic challenges, you increase the number of solutions and thereby the likelihood that one of their ideas will work.
  2. Having informed conversations about the future. When you raise the awareness of city residents about what is going on in their city, you make them an active part of the process rather than a passive recipient of technology.
  3. Saving city time and money. When you allow city residents to build solutions for their future, you relieve the city of the burden of creating, operating and paying for some of these services.

To realise these benefits, tomorrow’s cities will need to build a robust data infrastructure to deliver reliable access to open data for everyone.

Source: Comment: Why only open data can save smart cities | News | Open Data Institute