5 essential books every sustainability practitioner should read

Thanks Kit – useful stuff here. Prosperity without Growth is on my bookshelf. Would also recommend the Skeptical Environmentalist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Skeptical_Environmentalist

Reflections of a climate resilience practitioner


As a sustainability practitioner I pick up the odd recommendation for books here and there. However, it’s hard to track down ‘killer’ books – ones that aren’t particularly dry and stale on very particular topics, but those that are challenging, force you to reevaluate your world-view and change your perspective. The following reads may not do this for you, but they did for me and so I thought they were worth sharing.

1) Prosperity without growth: economics for a finite planet

Tim Jackson was working at the Sustainable Development Commission when this book was born, and there’s not been a better explanation of the fallacy of infinite growth, and of how growth doesn’t automatically correlate with what really matters. Slightly too academic in places, but still a compelling case for moving on from our existing approach to development.

2) Ecological Intelligence

I was surprised to find that Daniel Goleman had…

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