How Fashion and ‘Eco-Something’ do (not yet) get along.

Co-author: Angelica Montagnini

“The goal of today’s fashion connoisseur is not to own a vast wardrobe of disposable garments, but a well-constructed collection of timeless pieces made, using sustainable methods.” – The International Fashion Industry.

The Falabella bag / Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney, with her famous Falabella bag, brought sustainability into fashion business. She is one of the few top designers providing an eco-friendly clothing line, which is completely vegan and cruelty free. Additionally, she has pioneered some innovative sustainable fabric technology, which for instance makes the material of the Falabella bag look like real leather. Currently, she is the top of designers working with sustainability, where in general the small brands run ahead of the bigger ones.

Together with Angelica Montagnini, expert in intellectual property law and passionate about fashion, I wanted to figure out the current status-quo of sustainability and welfare in the fashion industry and how we, in our…

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