The Urban Village: Sustainable Community Design for Urban Regeneration

Urban Villager

The way we are living in the West, particularly in the United States, promotes maximum amount of fossil fuel consumption, ecological ruin, social disconnectedness, and ultimately, a lifeless, culture-less existence divorced from the planet and devoid of any true connection to the spirit of life. This research project explores how changes in social and physical infrastructure can help stimulate an expansion of human consciousness, well being and, subsequently, true sustainability. We take a look at the benefits of natural building and compare contemporary urban life with traditional village settlement patterns of the pre-civilization era.

This project draws primarily from my research conducted in Thailand, during an internship on community building, natural building and self-empowerment as well as in India during my internship at the Auroville Bamboo Centre, where I designed an integrated land management plan to construct an eco-village and a sustainable surface water management proposal to restore a dried-out…

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Author: Andy Nolan

An experienced director-level professional with expertise in sustainable development, cities, universities, governance, policy and strategy. 15 years of experience working in the field of sustainability in both the private and public sector. Has worked within a local authority, in multi-authority partnerships locally and nationally. Experience in higher education across four universities in the UK plus representative bodies. Particular areas of interest and expertise include; energy; transport; climate change; waste management; air quality; decentralised energy; education for sustainability; smart cities; knowledge transfer; research.

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