Cities More Effective than National Government?…

Cities More Effective than National Government?….

From Miroslav Damyanov (via Linkedin) While national governments get less done – due to the fact they are cumbersome and stuck in party ideology – more problems (e.g., climate change, inequality, unemployment and crime) are solved at the city level. 

Worth watching the program VPRO Tegenlicht De macht aan de stad (EN: The Power of the City) :


Author: Andy Nolan

An experienced director-level professional with expertise in sustainable development, cities, universities, governance, policy and strategy. 15 years of experience working in the field of sustainability in both the private and public sector. Has worked within a local authority, in multi-authority partnerships locally and nationally. Experience in higher education across four universities in the UK plus representative bodies. Particular areas of interest and expertise include; energy; transport; climate change; waste management; air quality; decentralised energy; education for sustainability; smart cities; knowledge transfer; research.

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